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According to the Consumer Council's complaint statistics from 2020 to 2022, the Council will receive 244 and 317 complaints in 2020 and 2021 for renovation and home repair works, showing an upward trend. The Hong Kong Institute of Building Inspection, Hong Kong Arbitration Society and individual decoration platforms jointly formulated the "Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines" to provide consumers with reference decoration standards and acceptance guidelines, hoping to reduce disputes between consumers and contractors and protect the interests of both parties. The guidelines have been launched for about two years, and more than a thousand renovation projects have applied the guidelines. Disputes have decreased by about 70% compared with the past, and the on-time completion rate has also increased to 97%.

"Hong Kong Renovation Guidelines" consists of 3 parts, including "Renovation Requirements", "Acceptance Guidelines" and "Standard Quotation", and lists the standard cooperation process between the client and the contractor, a checklist for item-by-item inspection of completion acceptance and Samples of written engineering contracts, etc., for consumers' reference.

Liu Zhaojian, president of the Building Inspection Institute, which participated in the formulation, said that the market lacks a unified decoration acceptance standard, and believes that the guidelines can provide neutral standards for both parties and protect the interests of both parties. Tang Yaoxian, the founder of the "Good Master Decoration Design Platform" who participated in the formulation of the guidelines, said that disputes between decoration masters and consumers often involve issues such as unfinished projects, overruns, and project delays. time.